About Us

While contemplating yet another meal to plan on a dreary winter afternoon in February, we decided to search the web for a new recipe for preparing easy dinner. Amazingly, we received well over 2.6 million hits. Some of these sites were helpful, however, many were not, and still others were not even about chicken, recipes or cooking at all.

We started thinking and decided that we would like to create a site that would revolve around cooking dinner, recipes and techniques that everyone could benefit from, beginning with the family and including the pressures of preparing dinner in a 2-person income household. A resource that would provide cooking basics for those of us just starting out on our own and techniques for those of us adventure some enough to experiment with a new dish, for example: Pizza Pasta With Ground Beef and Pepperoni, Quick barbecue chicken pizza and PERFECT ROAST BEEF DINNER.

We, here at Real Home Cooking Dinner, feel right at home when we’re in the kitchen and enjoy sharing and preparing a great new recipe. It is easy to imagine, therefore, how we could design a site dedicated to providing useful information for your kitchen. We have an insight as to the most convenient products and appliances on the market, and with Chef’s Catalogue as a resource, we are able to provide you with a quick link to the best products and prices to meet you’re cooking and bake ware needs.

We have techniques illustrated to enable us to teach you the basics, like how to prepare a roux for the best holiday gravy ever, or to show you first hand, the correct way to handle puff pastry and the proper plasticity for bread-like pizza dough.

Cooking shows are fun to watch, but not always available to refresh your memory on how a dish was prepared, when you need that information most. That’s what makes cooking on the web so versatile. We have some great contacts in the culinary arts field, and over the next several months, you’ll be surprised to see who some of our guest chefs will be. These demonstrations and productions will become part of our easy dinner recipes library, where they can be reviewed and appreciated time and again.

It has taken us some time to find the right group of people dedicated to this mission and the resources to put this all together. We are still in the beginning phases of designing our website and have so many more ideas that we need to integrate into these pages. We value your input and your patience… Together; we can accomplish the goal of providing our users with useful information and techniques to help them plan exciting and nutritious meals for themselves and their families.

Be sure to include us as one of your favorite sites. Thank you. 101dinner.com