Ground Beef with Rice and Vegetables

Ground Beef with Rice and Vegetables

Food is a weakness of every human. We all want to eat the delicious food. But most of the men’s are not able to cook the food and they have to wait for the wife and mother for cooking something delicious for them. Most of the time it happens that you come from the office and feel hungry and need a quick food but it should be delicious as well. However, you can easily cook dinner idea with simple Rice Skillet. The duration of cooking this recipe is around 25 minutes. Here is the procedure for cooking this amazing dish.

Here below is the ingredient that you have to use for making simple Rice Skillet.

  1. Get a one pound ground beef
  2. You need 2 cups, drinking water
  3. Get one cube of beef bouillon
  4. Around one and half cup of chopped vegetables and the vegetables you can select which are your favorites.
  5. Get uncooked one cup brown rice. The rich should be in good quality.
  6. You can also put salt and paper for increasing the taste of the dish.

Here is the below direction for cooking simple Rice skillet for easy dinner ideas with ground beef.

  1. First you have to place the large skillet on a normal heat and put a ground beef on it, stir it until it gets brownish around 5 to 7 minutes continuously.
  2. Add the water to the large skillet along with beef bouillon and wait until it gets dissolved in it.
  3. Then add the vegetables and brown rice along with salt and paper and put it for a around 20 minutes on low heat. Remember that it large skillet should be covered so that all the thing cook early.

This is the above simple recipe for cooking the simple rice skillet. Now you can make easily at your home without anyone help. You just need a complete thing which you need to add in this dish for cooking. Once you arrange all the stuff, you can make the recipe easily. Most of the people who live in a foreign country and they do not have family along with them. Therefore, they can use this recipe for making food urgently and enjoy the delicious and taste food. It is pretty simple and easy to cook with complete instructions.