Honey Pretzel Chicken in crumbs

Honey Pretzel Chicken in crumbs

Super dinner idea! Honey Pretzel Chicken in crumbs for dinner or lunch. Easy and quick – and different from other baked chicken! So meals will become more diversified.

There are so many recipes for cooking demanding hours for preparation or and even days for marinating . But there are also recipes which allow to cook your meals less than for a half of an hour. These meals need minimum ingredients and time of cooking process.

Sounds as usual every night dinner? No, perhaps chicken tenders are a little messy to make, but seriously so worth it! You and your spouse will really enjoy this simple dinner recipe of Honey Pretzel Chicken in crumbs and even may cook them for your guests.


Two tsp of olive oil, 3 small spoon of honey, three medium cups of salted pretzels 500 g of crude chicken tenders or , if you don’t have the ready ones, take chicken breasts cut into long strips three big eggs three tbsp of sweet mustard, and leave some more for dipping chicken tenders into it when they are ready. a cup of flour usual varieties salt and pepper depending on your taste.

Honey Pretzel Chicken in crumbs


  1. Heat the oven to 245 С and arrange the baking grid in the lowest level .
  2. Cover and smooth a baking pan with a piece of nutritional foil and grease it slightly with the olive oil and honey.
  3. Pack the pretzels into a seal able plastic bag , take plunger and crumble pretzels till l they become enough ground.
  4. Replace shredded crackers to a big bowl.
  5. Shake up three eggs with a mustard in a medium bowl and pour one third part of the flour into another bowl.
  6. In a shallow bowl whip the eggs with the beater . Add the remaining flour in another capacious bowl.
  7. Dip tenders one by one into in the bowl with flour, flicking the surplus and neatly roll them in whiped eggs.
  8. Put pretzels on the large plate and dip each tender to the shredded pretzels. Do it thoroughly so that every piece is finely coated. Now place the tenders one by one on the prepared baking pan. Be sure to spread
    themin one layer about 5 cm singly.
  9. Put a baking pan into the preheated oven and bake pieces of chicken until they become cooked and have a golden color.Turn every picee on the other side and repeat all processt. The whole process takes approximately fifteen minutes.
  10. Pull out tenders , strew them with salt or pepper (optionally) and serve tenders and mustard separately to dip them into it. Enjoy your meals.


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  1. Thanks for the Honey Pretzel Chicken in crumbs recipe, this is just almost like my grandmother made hers and we are all Polish and it is sure a great tasting receipt for quickly dinner!!! I love your site!

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