Information about 101Dinner

 101-Dinner Cooking is a combination of many talents and one great passion for cooking, mine…. hence the name.  As with any great recipe only the finest ingredients are blended to produce an excellent product.  We hope to make 101-Dinner cooking your recipe for easy, healthy, and affordable cooking.

    The seed for 101-Dinner Cooking was planted many years ago when, as a teenager, I helped my grandparents by assisting in the preparation of meals in their “Chili and Tamale” Healthy dinner.  As I grew up my passion for cooking continued to be nurtured while working alongside my very talented mother.  From her I learned classic American fare and pastry work.  At that time, we called it preparing “home cooked dinner” meals, complete with fish dinner ideas.  Those early mentors gave me the basic tools for preparing many great dishes.  But, they also helped me discover the pleasure of family and friends gathered around a table enjoying my creations.

     The next phase of my culinary education began twenty years later when I was privileged to observe a master chef create a simple, yet elegant, Spanish soup – gazpacho and Tasty Dinner Recipes With Chicken & Raspberry Salad.  Watching him via an overhead mirror, I was captivated by his techniques, his ease of preparation (even while giving verbal asides), and the delicious results that we students tasted and enjoyed.  Cooking magazines, as informative and alluring as they are, could not summons the flavorful sensations from their pages to my waiting taste buds.  So, my culinary skills entered yet another phase, that of “hands on preparation.”  Each new cooking class, either in the United States or abroad, challenged me to try new methods of preparing healthy and tasty meals.  I learned the importance of only cooking with the freshest of herbs and ingredients available, and to never, never say, “I can’t, make a perfect chicken dinner

    After spending a long holiday in Italy, my zest for cooking became an epicurean love affair.  The crème de la crème was a week in Tuscany at Badia a Coltibuono, the home of Chef Lorenza de Medici.  Working and learning by her side, in her kitchen, evoked precious memories of my youthful years cooking with my mother.  Lorenza taught me respect for the purest of olive oil, using only garden fresh products in my cooking, as well as pasta made easy.  In addition, numerous intangibles came only by working with her side by side.  The Diploma di Cucina Italiana that Chef Lorenza placed in my hands at the conclusion of my apprenticeship is framed and hangs on my wall.  That signed document serves as a daily reminder that cooking is an art form.  And, like with any art form, the pleasures derived should be shared with all who wish to partake.

From all the staff of 101-Dinner Cooking to You Bon Appetite!!!!!!!