Pesto Potatoes Pizza – Super Fast!

Pesto Pizza - Super Fast!

The World’s Fastest Cooked Recipe for Dinner – 20 minutes! (Please note: if you have small children, this recipe will take one and one-half hours) This is a real description of how I do it very easy and tasty dinner.

  1. Crawl in the door.
  2. Throw coat and briefcase on bed.
  3. Greet the cat.
  4. Go to kitchen; remove 2 tubs of pesto from the freezer and put in microwave with potatoes.
  5. Set on defrost for two minutes.
  6. Get out ready-made pizza crust.
  7. Set oven on temperature recommended in instructions on crust.
  8. Remove shredded mozzarella from refrigerator.
  9. Put one-half of the mozzarella on the pizza crust.
  10. Put the crust on a flat baking pan.
  11. Put away coat and briefcase.
  12. Greet the cat.
  13. Remove pesto tubs from microwave and add some crushed fresh garlic and olive oil.
  14. Mix.
  15. Put pizza with cheese and potatoes on it in the oven and set timer for 7 minutes.
  16. Greet the cat.
  17. Distribute mail to family members.
  18. Listen to telephone messages while reading e-mail.
  19. Jump into blue jeans and sweatshirt.
  20. Feed the cat.
  21. Throw clothes on a chair.
  22. Remove pizza from the oven and spread pesto with a rubber scraper.
  23. Add the other half of the cheese on top and put back in the oven for 3- 5 minutes.
  24. Put away clothes.
  25. Pet the cat.
  26. Remove pizza from the oven and let sit for 5 minutes while you set the table.
  27. Pour yourself a well-deserved glass of mineral water and serve the pizza.
  28. You could add a salad of sliced tomatoes…

Serves 4

Serve ice cream for dessert.