Pizza Pasta With Ground Beef and Pepperoni

Pizza Pasta With Ground Beef and Pepperoni

Nobody likes to cook a full dinner after having a hard working day. But some recipes are quite easy and will not take a lot of time. There are many quick dinner recipes which are very helpful in quick preparing of meals not only for your couple but also for several friends who unexpectedly came to you. Neither efforts, nor annoyance.One of these easy to cook dishes is our well known Pasta but not a traditional one.. Everyone will enjoy this special recipe. It will be good replacement for dinner.

Portions: 8


time: about 50 minutes


  • wellgrounded beef 450 g
  • onion cut thoroughly (better a yellow sort) 680g of sauce for spaghetti
  • 0, 5g pack of any sort of pasta which is still firm
  • two small cups turn or cut into shreds mozzarella
  • twenty pepperoni lobules
  • put salt and pepper according to your taste .


  1. Heat oven to 180 Degree C. Take a dish for baking having sizes 9 on 13 inches, then put some cooking spray on it .
  2. Prepare separately ground beef in a large pan and keep simmer it until meat becomes not pink then pour off the extra oil and put in one cut onion. After this cook the ground meat with onion over medium heat additionally from 2 to 5 minutes until you feel the onion becomes mild and smelly. Now put salt and pepper depending on your taste, add the spaghetti sauce and precooked pasta. Continue cooking for a short time till the sauce is warm. It takes you about five minutes. Put bulk on prepared baking dish. Make a top with cheese and pepperoni slices and bake for a half of an hour.Pizza Pasta With Ground Beef and Pepperoni