Salad and red quinoa

Salad of a red quinoa

Every time when I decide to cook dinner  this  healthy and  bright colors, I feel that what I do is healthy dinner for  my body. It was Lorna Sass  with her bestseller bookWhole Grains Every Day, Every Way“. It is really a very helpful recipe bookI  learned  many ways of preparing  meals  from quinoa. The recommendations from the book told  that we may cook the quinoas as we usually cook pastanot rice. We have to drain all  water and not keep the quinoa in a pot with remaining water.
Since I knew this  I managed to dinner cook quinoa this way, and it is delicious and  looks perfect. Below I add my own recipe of the salad from quinoa. It is the one I have seen  in the shop of the prepared foods  Whole Foods. You may hold it for a few days in your fridge and also it is great to pack and use later, for example, for picnics. Mothers can  also use it for a  lunch box of their children.

Main ingredients:

Vegetable Salad with red quinoa

·        one cup of fresh  quinoa
·        beans (better black ones ) washed and driedone can
·        corn  may be even taken from a fridge  frappedone cup
·        a half of a cut pepper (better red)
·        coriander shattered one third of a cup
·        1/3  of a cup of shredded cilantro
·        1/3cup of  an onion cut into small pieces. Better taste is when using a red onion.

·        one and a half  tbsp of olive oil
·        one  tbsp of  vinegar preferably  prepared of claret
·        a half of a tsp of  good salt preferably grain
·        pepper  a half of a  tsp
·        juice of a one lime


1Take a medium size pot and pour  it with 68 cups of water  and boil it then  gargle  the quinoa in a mesh strainer. After water boils put the  meshed quinoa and boil  without lid uncovered for  1215 minutesSince ten minutes try the quinoait is ready when a spot inside the fruit  makes invisible and  when the seeds begin to rip from  some white threads  . Pull water out  with help of  a mesh strainer and  cool quinoa down.
2. With a wooden stirrer mix quinoa  with other ingredientsAfter that  add salad dressing. Then mix salad again. Pepper and salt may be added depending on your taste.

1.      Blend all ingredients  in a  pan
2.      Mix all ingredients with a  wire whisk

Superhealthy dinner, delicious, easy and quick. This is the perfect dinner for lazy summer nights. Loads of vegetables and quinoa with a tasty dressing.